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quotes about freedom, rights, and liberty, versus oppression and tyranny.
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The original home of the US Freedom Fighters,, may also be intact.
The final update at was in June, 2007. is replicated in the same exact design and style as the original .com site.

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Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance - (B.O.L.T.)

fights unconstitutional enactments across the nation, in the legislature, courts, and on the streets!
Bikers of Lesser Tolerance (B.O.L.T.), features the B.O.L.T. position statement and articles by
Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo, founder and National Director.

Our new interactive site with forum and other capabilities is at Friends of B.O.L.T. .

Regional and State Chapters:

  • Arizona
  • California (portal)
  • B.O.L.T. of California Achives
  • CA helmet law case archives, by Richard Quigley
  • BOLT of California - Current Updates, by Mark Temple
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

    Placeholder websites for other state chapters:

  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin

    Helmet Law Defense League (HLDL)

    Archive Site | Update Site
    features the helmet law review, "Helmet Laws of the 50 States and How to Beat Them".

    About and was the first internet home of the United States Freedom Fighters (USFF), Bikers of Lesser Tolerance (BOLT), and the Helmet Law Defense League (HLDL). Legendary freedom fighter and Webmaster Richard "Quig" Quigley began his work on in 1994 and continuously updated it until June 2007, even though a long-term fatal illness left him weak and bed-ridden since April 2007. Richard was a leader in all three groups. His last updates to were in order to provide other freedom fighters with updates related to court decisions about his constant battles over government intrusions which oppressed individual liberty. These intrusions were by the "safety nanny" federal, state, and local governments which attempted to force helmets onto his head whenever he rode a motorcycle. For years, Richard knew his fate was sealed due to lymphoma; no cure and fatal. It was rather absurd for the government to attempt to force a helmet onto the head of a man so condemned. For as long as his health allowed, he rode his Harley with either a ballcap or completely lidless, not only for his own freedom, but also to be ticketed and fight for a judicial overturn to help future bikers to know liberty, and how and why to defend it. He succumbed to lymphoma three months after his last update regarding his last court date. Richard "quig" Quigley died on Saturday evening, September 15, 2007. Even from the grave, Richard continued to fight the helmet laws in the court system. With the help of other biker rights activists, he was named as litigant in an injunction action against the CHP not decided until 2008. Even today, there are people all over the USA fighting for liberty using lessons from Quig, USFF, BOLT, and HLDL.

    When Richard began developing the web site in 1994, it was one of the earliest non-commercial internet sites. The USFF portion, apparently the earliest section of the site, shows tremendous attention to detail in combining art, styling, design, development, and research, while the BOLT, California BOLT, and HLDL portions, which will hopefully be preserved at, displayed not only his flair and style, but a genius for fighting legal battles, particularly since Richard, as a frequent pro se litigant in California courts was self-taught and had no law degree. He put his unhelmeted head and his heart into it. This was also particularly true when he fought his battles on the side of the street, arguing law with cops who are abusive of the Bill of Rights and much less knowledgable about the laws they enforce arbitrarily and without regard for the law of the land, the US Constitution. This example of an 1996 web site was close to the onset of the time period called the Information Age, and was a time shortly after the internet began to be used by the public, with the advent of Mosaic, hypertext mark up language, internet browsers, and the World Wide Web which began in 1990's, building on the early DARPA networked systems.

    Richard "quig" Quigleys' last wishes expressed to members of B.O.L.T. was for the civil disobedience and court battles in pursuit of individual liberty to continue.

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