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          BOLT of California was founded in 1993 in the wake of the enactment of a mandatory helmet law in California. We are committed to helping rid California of not only helmet laws, but all laws intended to stifle the freedom of Californians; not to mention freedom from all other forms of bureaucratic tyranny so prevalent in government today.

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BOLT of California


"Update on California Helmet Law Cases"
May 2007

A current overview, and/or in depth explanation, of the current status of the court cases stemming from Superior Court Judge Barton's finding that the California helmet law is unconstitutional as appled to Richard Quigley (and presumably others similarly situated).

"Motorcycle Awareness Month" — 2006
Tony Pan Sanfelipo and Michael Osborn join Richard Quigley as host of a talk show on KSCO Radio in Santa Cruz, California, and talk about the reasons for and importance of "Motorcycle Awareness Month" across the U.S.

In their November, 2005 edition, REASON magazine, a Nationally distributed mainstream political publication, makes some interesting and unique observations about helmet and seatbelt laws — emphasizing the effect of the work of mros such as BOLT of California, ABATE and others.


BOLT of California's State Director, Richard "quig" Quigley
Continues the Fight, On the Streets and In the Courts

(December 7, 2004, January 30, 2005, March 19, 2005 and November 15, 2005 articles relating to Superior Court Judge Barton's finding that the helmet law, as applied, is unconstitutional.


(January 8, 2001 front-page article and 01/10/01 political cartoon!!)

"News Reporter Busts Eavesdropping Plan"

"AB-1412 -- Conceding The Public Burden Argument"

"Little Victory" -- "Epitaph"

Declaration of War

Booze Fighters
B.O.L.T. of CA

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