The Helmet Law Defense League was formally founded in early 1993 to attract Freedom Fighters especially interested in putting an end to helmet laws and all other forms of discrimination against the class of people known as "bikers."

          It is our basic philosophy that the best defense is any offense, so the strategies that we recommend in the fight for the restoration of our rights will be those constituting an attack. Unlike those we are fighting, we do not advocate violence; although there are times when the truth of the information we will be posting on this web site will hit harder than any imaginable hammer . . . especially when applied with our ever-present sense of humor.


        When the Helmet Law Defense League first logged on the internet in 1995, it was for the express purpose of helping bikers, nationwide, understand the legal aspects of helmet laws and how they could be successfully attacked in the courts. One of the first things we did was to gather the exact language of all the statutes from all of the 50 states and build the 50-State Helmet Law Review -- where we placed these statutes, listed by state, along with our understanding of their respective flaws. We have believed all along that the inability of the State to define what they mean by "helmet," "protective headgear" or whatever -- because to do so would be to take on liability when one of the helmets on their list caused an injury or other damage in an accident -- coupled with the fact that a vague statute -- a statute that cannot be complied with, with certainty -- is unconstitutional. Some helmet law states require a list as a matter of statute. The rest need the list to avoid a vagueness challenge of their law. But, no one is prepared to step up a make the list. What's a "helmet"?  No List? No Law! It's that simple.

        The Current Events section is chock full of some of the most recent stories about things going on in the various legislatures, on the streets, in the courts and behind the scenes, relative to bikers' rights. "All the news you never knew you needed to know."

        Under our Feature Articles section, you will find articles submitted to us from bikers all across the United States that have to do with a myriad of Freedom related subjects -- not necessarily "news" in the broader sense, but rather opinion pieces, written by bikers, relating to biker politics and culture. In a separate section you'll find a myriad of articles specifically attacking the myths, lies and other misconceptions underpinning what is being exposed as the Helmet Hoax.

        Before we found the internet, HLDL published several newsletters (four to be exact) for the same purposes now served by our presence here on the web. Most of the articles from those editions of the HLDL Report have been reformatted for this venue and contain some timeless views mixed in with some of the news events that were transpiring at the time of their writing -- for those of you seeking a historical perspective on some of today's happenings.

        Since HLDL's main focus is on protecting the rights of bikers through the courts, we have selected several germane Court Cases which affect many aspects of the fight against helmet laws and other violations of bikers' rights. We are also privileged to present a search engine specifically designed to provide you with access to United States Supreme Court Decisions -- a service made available to us at no charge by FindLaw. Be sure to check this service out! (If you ain't reading this stuff, how do you know to object when you're being jacked around by some surly bureaucrat?) You'll be amazed at what the court has said on a myriad of subjects -- although to our knowledge there's nothing yet about helmet laws . . . we are working on it.

        Also, because our service provider,, has been so generous in donating unlimited storage space to us at virtually no charge, we are able to Archive most of the articles from the Current Events section as they become outdated -- again, for those of you who appreciate the historical perspective.

        And finally, what would a web site be without a Guestbook to allow you to enter your greetings and/or read and review comments of other bikers and an e-mail link for your comments?

        Now that you've completed the tour, you'll be able to move around our web pages by using the console on the left border of the page. If you forget the name of the section you're looking for between visits, you can always come back here and do a refresher tour.

        We hope you'll bookmark this page and come back often. Information available on the HLDL web site is being constantly updated and we're of course hoping you'll be taking advantage of our efforts. Epictetus said long ago "Only the educated are free" and we have no doubt that in spite of the fact that he never even heard of a motorcycle (they didn't make 'em back then), he was nonetheless correct.


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